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This Is Turf Paradise

Right now I am over in Phoenix, Arizona. What a great opportunity to pay a visit to the local race track – Turf Paradise

After having been to go racing at Aqueduct, Golden Gate Fields and Los Alamito, Turf Paradise is the fourth track I’m able to visit.

In comparison to the other three tracks, Turf Parade is on the small side. In fact, much smaller. Why? No casino!

Turf Parade strikes me as quite a compact race track, located on the outskirts of Phoenix, easy to get to because of its proximity to Interstate Highway 17.

In saying that, due to their size and lack of humans onsite I felt pretty lost at the other tracks. The day became dull after the first few races, in truth.

Well, it’s mid-week racing, there are only few people  keen or able to come racing on a Wednesday – it can be lonely onsite. Casino-race tracks are often huge places: wide and open spaces add to the feeling of emptiness anyway.


Turf Paradise is somewhat different: smaller, compact, short ways from parade ring to betting to food, drink and good viewing options. I was greeted by a super relaxed, serene and friendly atmosphere on the day.

Splendid sunshine always helps, of course. Nonetheless, this place possesses a bit of charm: you’re close to the action, the entry is free and I found food & drink prices really fair – that made it a lovely day out.


There wasn’t a huge crowd in attendance for this his mid-week race day. But as this is such a compact place, it didn’t feel as lonely as it did at the bigger tracks.

The level of racing was nothing to shout about. Low-grade claimers and maiden races. In saying that, most horses turned out in the parade ring looked incredibly well presented. Beautiful shiny coat, clean and fit.


What surprised me what the relatively light use of the whip by most jockeys. There was certainly no excessive use of whip here – in fact, I felt the crop was used rather sparingly accompanied by mostly hands and heels riding.

In summary: I would go racing here again. I absolutely my day at Turf Paradise. Certainly enjoyed it much more than at Unlike at Aqueduct (okay, maybe little unfair, it was winter and freezing cold when I visited), Golden Gate Fields and Los Alamitos.