The Curragh: A piece of history

Irish Thoroughbred

Like any old storyteller The Curragh Racecourse bares the wrinkles and ravages of time. However, she wears them with pride, a pride in knowing that she has been telling her enthralling story for a very long time.

The word “Curragh” itself means place of the running horse, and as early as the 1700’s racing as we know it was taking place on The Curragh. Now, approaching the twilight of the 2016 racing season The Curragh is preparing to pull on her surgery gown in preparation for the sixty-five million Euro face lift many have longed for.

Having grown up to two miles from The Home of the Classics I have always seen the Curragh as a place  of wonder and mystery. What champion of the future will make its stage entrance on the hallowed turf? What great of the now will fight to hold its reputation as a true champion?…

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